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Chinh t hức thành lập ngày28/12/2005 Copy Right by Nhất Thanh

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Bài Viết Đăng Nhập vào: Sunday, April 8, 2007

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Tien The Nguyen
(ex-university-lecturer in the Democratic/Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Tien The Nguyen. As an ex-instructor at Hanoi and Saigon Polytechnic universities for 27 years (until 1982) under hcm-socialist regime, I am here today to share with you my opinion about the bad nature and role of hcm-myth and the so-called “revolutionist heroism” in hcm style, in the Vietnam wars 1945-54-75.
My presentation consists of two parts.

Part 1. Ho chi Minh: Not a nationalist patriotic hero, but a Vietnamese Quisling (a viet gian = a Vietnamese traitor), a war and genocide criminal

Myth and heroism play very important roles in the whole Vietnam’s history, from the very old days. Many Vietnamese national heroines/ heroes stood out unchallengeable with the myths consecrated to them as defenders of the fatherland against foreign invaders, mainly from the North. They are Trung Nu Vuong, Trieu Trinh Nuong, Ly Nam De, Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Dai Hanh, Ngo Quyen, Ly Thuong Kiet, Hung Dao Vuong, Le Thai To, Quang Trung in the far past, then in the 20th century Nguyen Thai Hoc, Phan Boi Chau and the anti-communist hero Ngo Dinh Diem. On the contrary, in that very Vietnam, hochiminh regrettably failed his myth as a national hero! In the years 1945-54, he did monopolize the leadership of the national resistance against the French invaders; but really and unfortunately in order to help expanding the Soviet Empire in Asia. His mechanism of propaganda was successful then to boost his image in the international community as a Vietnamese nationalist liberator. In reality – which means that in the heart of the Vietnamese people, including me as an eyewitness – hochiminh is not only a Vietnamese Quisling (a viet gian), he is at the same time a war and genocide criminal.
In the last 70 years, hcm and his followers have used the dirtiest tricks of brainwashing, trying so hard to fabricate the hcm’s image as a mythic national hero, to propagate this image and deeply imprint it in the mind of a lot of Vietnamese. Furthermore, they shamelessly duped a large part of the world to mistakenly believe that hochiminh was actually "the man of the 20th century". The truth is that, since 1920, hochiminh and his communist party have committed countless horrific crimes against the people of Vietnam. These crimes included individual and collective assassinations and executions, deaths in concentration camps, starvation, torture, slave labor and other forms of mass physical terror, persecutions on ethnic or religious grounds, violation of freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of the press, and also the lack of political pluralism. These crimes of all sorts found their justification with the communists’ theory of class struggle and the so-called principle of “proletarian dictatorship”.
The implementation of those ill-conceived beliefs – by itself - contradicted patriotism, turned the Vietnamese social value system upside down, alienated every layer of the society and created hell out of the whole Nation of Vietnam. Worst of all, it brought hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese to the killing fields.
Following are the historical facts:
(1) hochiminh deliberately sold out the well-known Vietnamese nationalist patriot named Phan Boi Chau to the French dominators;
hochiminh also annihilated thousands of other patriots, like Pham Quynh, Ly Đong A, Truong Tu Anh, Huynh Phu So, and the likes and the numerous members in these Vietnamese great and very well known patriotists’ core groups...;
(2) In their so-called reforms (land reforms, economics reforms, education reforms ...), hochiminh and his blood-thirsty communist party have wiped out millions of landlords, national bourgeois and intellectual elite... These massive killings and executions are part of their scheme to pave the way for the communist party to impose their totalitarian rule first over North Vietnam (1954-75), then over the whole country Vietnam (from 1975 on). In reality, their overall scheme was to render service to the expansion of the Communist Empire (then the Soviet Union, and now the Red China) at the expense of the Vietnamese People. So, hochiminh and his communist party are really no more nor less Vietnamese Quislings (the Vietgian)! The crimes they committed are historical ones, absolutely undeniable, unjustifiable, unforgettable and unforgivable!!!
(3) In the process of expanding the Communist Empire over South-East Asia, HCM and his communist party invaded and conquered South Vietnam and Cambodia by any means, regardless of any fatal consequences. In order to reach their vicious goal, the communists were willing to pay any cost of lives, no matter the number might be of 4 – 5 millions of Vietnamese, North and South.
(4) Since 1980, this blood-thirsty communist party (ruled by Vietnamese Quislings) have imposed a proletarian dictatorial regime on the whole country of Vietnam. And again, they have perpetrated individual and collective killings and executions; they have caused painful deaths in detention camps through starvation, torture, forcible labor and other forms of mass physical terror. They have persecuted people on ethnic or religious grounds too. They blatantly have violated all sorts of conceivable of freedom: freedom of religion, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of press, freedom of union, freedom of movement, freedom of choice of residency,... Political pluralism is absolutely alien to them (the communists)!
(5) In 1958, hochiminh (as the head of the state of North Vietnam) ordered “pham van dong” (who then served as Prime Minister) to proceed the necessary paper works with Communist China to give up Vietnam’s sovereignty, completely on the Paracels and partly on the Pratleys.
(6) In year 2000, for some undisclosed reasons, once more the Vietnamese communist traitors officially conceded 700km2 of Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty, and 11,000 km2 of offshore waters to their Red Chinese Masters. Again, this is absolutely unjust to our people and to our nation. Only a regime change either on the Chinese side or on the Vietnamese side of the border would help to make these unequal agreements revocable! The people of Vietnam strongly condemn these vietgian’s acts of treason.

(7) Today, under the strict domination of Red China, the blood-thirsty Vietnamese communist gang stubbornly keeps the Vietnamese people in their brutal yoke of a one-party-ruled government: one third of a million high ranking corrupted communist gangsters persecute the whole people of 83 millions of Vietnamese. These corrupted communists become multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires the most quickly in the world while the majority of citizens in Vietnam are living under the poverty's line and without human rights.
(8) hochiminh and his communist party have annihilated the traditional culture and morals of Vietnamese People and imposed on them the fatal so-called "communist party's culture and morals", which can be defined with three characteristic essentials: delusion, corruption, and terrorism.
In summary, hochiminh does not deserve “the myth”, which part of the international community attributed to him by mistake. hochiminh is by no means a nationalist patriotic hero! Never! Never! Not even a normal Vietnamese citizen! On the contrary, hochiminh really betrays Vietnam; he really is a Vietnamese Quisling (a Vietgian), a war and genocide criminal! Let the truth be told explicitly!!!

Part 2
Fabricated and / or blown-up so-called red communist heroes/heroines in the Vietnam wars 1945-54-75.

hochiminh and his communist party - Vietnamese traitors - are all politics-evil-doers of wicked inhuman malefactor innate nature. First of all, with the worst malefactor innate nature and with the thorough intent training in Lenin's "Communist Academy", in Stalinist-Maoist ideologies, hochiminh spent his entire adult life to create the so-called "communist party = labor party = (finally) communist party (with over 3 millions members nowadays)”. The only duty of this blood-thirsty party is to behave like dog-loyal agents taking orders from "The Third Communist International ". In other words, hochiminh and his communist party are just the overpaid employees of Red Russia as well as Red China! From 1940 to 1954, by using the most brutal ruses and inhuman courses of action (schemes), HCM and his followers achieved a kind of inhuman Stalinist-maoist socialism in North Vietnam. And then, after taking control from North to South Vietnam, from 1975 they have transformed the whole country into a persecuting and killing field. For the very first time the people of Vietnam have truly known a practical meaning of the hell on earth for many decades.

Within around seventy years, HCM and his blood-thirsty party fake all kinds of so-called revolutionist heroes/heroines after the hochiminh style and use them as supporting characters in The Great Play of Patriotism while they establish the communist dictatorship over Vietnam with the help of the police force and jails. Amongst these blind-minded heroines/heroes, some examples are:
(a)(During the 9-year war 1945-54), kim dong, le van tam (imaginatively fabricated), la van cau, be van dan, chu van tho, phan dinh giot, giap van khuong ...;
(b)(During the 20-year war 1955-75) nguyen viet xuan, nguyen van troi , pham ngoc thach, nguyen thi dinh, dang thuy tram,...
These so-called heroes and heroines – real or fabricated, blown-up or non-existent, brainwashed or deceived would be described by the communist propaganda somehow to fit-in the proletarian prototype of the so-called “patriotic heroines and heroes”. Actually, they are nothing but "puppets” manipulated by the magic fingers of the communist propaganda - what is the process of brainwashing - to make up such so-called heroines/ heroes!
Basically, the process goes upward, following the subjects livelong from the age of four of childhood to death - from kindergartens, youngster clubs, youths club, women clubs, seniors clubs, to workers’ unions of different careers, peasants’ associations,... - to get the people of any age under control . Under the absolutely strict collectivism, they impoverish the people; with the resident-family-booklet policy and the stamp-distributional system, they control each citizen's life to every month, every week, even to every day. They annihilate traditional cultures, morals and customs and impose the so-called max-leninist-maoist ones on the people. They apply Kovalebskaia's and Macarenko's theories in education at schools and in the society instead of the traditional-national one. They apply Russian and Chinese class-policy in their staff formation. They apply the principle of "Killing one man to intimidate and to suppress ten thousand others". Finally, HCM and his communist party use the profitable positions of power and of authority in the communist party, in the communist government, in the armed forces, in the police, in the Unions and Associations,... to induce the youths, to urge them and to falsely honor them with the titles of “heroes/ heroines” and finally to push them into the "stupid as a donkey" deaths to serve the dirty “sacred goal” of the communist party.
Despite their historical crimes against Vietnamese People, hochiminh himself and his followers fabricate the "the highest hero-idol-saint hochiminh - " then imprint this image on the youths' mind and memory since their early childhood. All so-called communist “heroines/ heroes” are almost all members of the hochiminh's communist party. They all swear to live all their life loyal to hochiminh and to ho's communist party; they all swear always ready to die for the realization and for the protection of the inhuman so-called “communist revolution”.

In conclusion , similar to the saying "like father like son", we can say "like models like products ". While hochiminh and his communist party (as mentioned above) are just undeniable the Vietnamese Quislings, those "so-called” communist “heroines/ heroes” are also nothing but traitors at different levels against Vietnam. They are not at all “heroines/ heroes” in the real meaning of these words.

. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, for your time and attention.
posted by Lien Mang Viet San @ 5:38 PM  

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